Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The House That Jackie Built...

Sometimes I do wonder about myself and how nuts I really am. REALLY, I'm not normal and their are many people that can attest to this, my husband and family to name a few. I have spent HOURS on this dollhouse that I'm building for Asa's Kindergarten Classroom. It has been almost two months since the first glue dried, but it did sit untouched for a few weeks. I still need to stain the shingles that were individually glued on and do touch up paint on the top roof and tower. Also, glue the gingerbread moulding (after paint) to the top roof and lastly glue the dormer roofs on after the stain! I have two more nights to complete the finishing touches and the BIG REVEAL will be at Open House Thursday Night at School.

If you are interested in building your own dollhouse I'd like to share a few tips:
- You will need to make sure you are gluing the correct ends of the walls together...
- You will need to follow instructions carefully and remember that your LEFT hand makes an L when you extend your index finger and thumb (the floors are on backwards)....
- Paint all 1001 pieces of trim...
- You will have to glue all window frames together 4 pieces at a time for interior and exterior trim.
- Don't get too obsessed with your interior decorating...
- And lastly, be careful of the glue fumes they can cause one of your eyes to twitch...


Bedroom/Sitting Room, don't mind the mess on the floor the maid hasn't come yet!

Bathroom View 1

Bathroom View 2

Living Room View 1 - My Fav Room!

Living Room View 2

Living Room View 3

Kitchen View 1

Kitchen View 2

Kitchen View 3

Game Room View 1

Game Room View 2 - maid hasn't made it here either...

No those aren't bars on the windows, this is a good part of town!  It's tape holding the shutters on while the glue dries :) :)


  1. you are 100% whack-a-doodle. It's really really awesome.

  2. jack, that is sooo totally awesome!!!!!!!!!! i can't even believe how terrific it has turned out. i love it! i'm sure the class will go nuts for it!

  3. oh wow that looks awesome!.

    I need to clarify about our puppy...he will not be inside:) The honeymoom is over and will be be out when we are home and in a kennel until he is a little bigger when we are gone.

    1. Oh so wish we could do that. My couch would still be nice if we did!


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