Monday, December 3, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

We had the most wonderful weekend. We went to the water and 80 degrees and only had to drive a couple hours!
Great Escape Lodge and indoor water park!
We went for Morgie's (cousin and best buddy) 6th Birthday. Thank you Kiki and Jeff for inviting us we look forward to the next time!
We also had a nice surprise visit from someone very special with the Mrs. too.
Morgie, Tuckie and Ace. Gracyn was already asleep. Mrs. C read a bedtime story - Twas' the Night Before Christmas :)
We headed back to our room after this pic and Asa wanted to know where Santa went? I told him he and Mrs. Claus had to fly back to the North Pole with the Sleigh and Reindeer and of course he then wanted to know where they were... The kicker was Santa was back in the morning! Boy was he confused...
As you can see in the above pic someone finally got his glasses back! Our third pair...

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  1. wow what a great place to go.
    we saw santa this weekend too!


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