Friday, December 28, 2012

Yule Tidings - it's a Yule Log Long!

We finally have snow! It snowed a little over 6 or 7 inches at our house yesterday - I say our house because it doesn't seem as much accumulation in town. It will make for a fun weekend with the kids and we'll dig out the sled that didn't get ANY use last year. The dogs are in heaven and ran around outside for a full hour last night. Rosie keeps doing laps around the house, literally, you'd think she was a greyhound if she wasn't so short.

Christmas was fun but busy. Lots of gifts that I think every single one has been played with (and left on the floor). We had 4 FULL Christmases. We started with Santa's drop off at home. I have video too but it needs to be edited because Ace was a little freaked out to be the first one to go up the stairs and it is really long with a lot of coaxing.

It was nice to have a whole weekend before to prepare for the Big Guys arrival. We stayed in our jammies all day and licked chocolate out of sauce pans and rubbed water color paints (still in the tray) all over our face...

Fun with water color paints!

Oh boy, that is some good chocolate sauce!

The Big Guy somehow knew there would be fights over who got to drive the Peg Perego Tractor in the Spring...


See Puppy? He is never too far away and Gracyn drags him everywhere!

This Chain Saw Asa saw in a catalog. I asked him a couple weeks ago what he wanted Santa to bring him he said, "A SAW!" and followed by "YELLOW!". This was the first time he has ever asked for something specifically and it is his favorite gift, though he has hugged and kissed his truck a couple times. 

power tool set was a hit too...
After destroying our house we moved on to Christmas #2 at Grammie and Grampie's AKA Mamie and Bampie's House.
Gracyn has an infatuation with stuffed animals and fuzzy blankets! This teddy is quite the indulgence! And the last pics taken with my old camera that takes shotty (no pun intended) video! Mama got a new camera! I'll share more about it when I figure it all out :)
Gracyn and Daddy

Cousin Aidan and Asa

Cousin Princess Sophia - 1 month older then Gracyn
Talk about mass chaos! It was like piranha going in for attack. There were gifts that were ripped open with out knowing who they went to, it was brutal...


LOL - Notice the cheese face in most of Gracyn's pictures!

Bewilderment of Adults...

Bumpa and Nana
They both loved playing with Sophia's Fisher Price Vanity!

How's the tinsel taste Ace?

Last but not least Christmas #4! This Christmas is at my Grandmother's house, Vivian who is 90 and cooked a 25 pound turkey this year.
Derrick and Bampie

Chocolate Pie and Exhausted...

Cheese face with Auntie Jenna

A Whole Lot of Cheese here!

Did you get it?

Bambie and Grammie, Ashleigh asleep with her puppy center.

Finally made it home and this is where he landed for 3 hours...
While Asa slept Gracyn kept on trucking with his friend Payton that came over to visit!

Bonus Pics...

With Extra CHEEEEESSSE....

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