Monday, November 1, 2010

31 for 21 Day 31 Happy Halloween!


I hope you got lots of treats!

We had fun, but cold, it was even spitting snow. Didn't get many pics I did have my camera but between helping an over-stuffed Woody up and down stairs while holding his candy bucket and trying to keep his hat on, caravaning between houses with a bunch of older kids and then having to convince the little Woody that he didn't need to invite himself into EVERY home we stopped at. That it wasn't a come on in and have a seat kind of event, it was just a stop and grab thing, got old after the 5th house. It was especially hard at the house that had a nice plush couch with a little toy poodle on a heated porch! Then he chewed his glow bracelet and got the glowy stuff in his mouth - OK, all done - thanks, until next year shall we...


  1. Love the costume...that is funny he wanted to go into everyone's house...that is excatly what our Ally kept doing :)

  2. Giddyap, pardner!

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