Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Christmas to Remember

UPDATE 1/28/11 Miss Sandra has recently made her way to her heavenly father, she was not saved in time. There was no explanation, maybe she got pneumonia or some other sickness she was unable to be cared for or treated. She might still be here if someone would of just said, "Yes I have enough love to come for you sweet girl" - I wish it had of been me :-(

Do You Hear the Cry of an Orphan? I do all the time. What would I do if I won the Lottery? Rescue these beautiful children who speak to my soul with only their eyes.

Sandra and Evan are only two of the thousands of orphans who are abandoned at birth and the door closed on them by their society. They live in impoverished countries who do not believe special needs are special at all. Children who are "different" are put in orphanages and baby houses left to lie in their cribs without anyone to hug, kiss, and love them. If they are not adopted (those the orphanages see as adoptable) by usually the age of 4 they are put in institutions where they deteriorate and eventually die from the lack of stimulation, care and plain old love and compassion for the human life.

How can you help? Adopt a beautiful child or you can donate to Reece's Rainbow. Reece's Rainbow is a non-profit International Down Syndrome Orphan Ministry. Every Holiday Season they do a Christmas Angel Tree Project to help raise funds for individual children's grants who are waiting to be adopted. You can choose which child you would personally like to support and add to their grant. You can donate any amount but if you donate at least $35 you will receive a very special Christmas Angel Tree Ornament, $5 will go to the Voice of Hope general fund and $30 will go to your orphan of choice. I can't express how sad it makes me to think of children just like Asa sitting in a crib all alone with no one hugging them, playing with them, showing them how to love and be loved. There is no story before bedtime, or tucking in. There is no soothing of their cries, rock-a-bye or lullabies. They are left mostly to themselves with little interaction or contact.

A great Holiday Gift Idea is print a picture of the child you donated to along with the ornament and put it under the tree! It's better than a fruit basket and way better then socks!

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