Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cold North Wind

This time of year when the Cold North Wind starts to blow I start dreaming and yearning for this...

And drooling for a Cheeseburger in Paradise...

And on my Bucket List I want to fish for and catch one of THESE!

This is a Tarpon Fish for folks that don't know. You see the large size Pelican floating in the water above these guys? Yup, they are bigger then a Pelican. Their average weight can be anywhere between 25 to 90 pounds!

I've said before I am a warm weather gal, I enjoyed my 2 years living in WPB too much! It makes playing outside much more pleasant and opening your windows for fresh air is such a treat! FYI for my warm weather friends, typically us Northern New Englanders do not open the windows in our houses from mid October to the beginning of April! And with 3 dogs and stinky feet it makes for a very long winter!
I've been searching rental houses in the southern Florida area. With Aunts and Uncles on both coastal sides of the state it's hard to choose "who" to go visit... So, I think I'd like to revisit one of my most favorite places in the US - the Florida Keys... Sorry family - HA! Maybe, Maybe not, but I've found a great house in Islamorada that is on the Atlantic side and has a pier with a beach at low tide. Oh yeah, and a Totally Awesome pool!

It's still a trek to Key West, but a day trip will fill the void - what can you do in Key West with a 3.5 year old anyways? Sit him on the bar stool next to you? Don't get me wrong, I've seen it done, but I don't think I want the stares and odd looks...

Islamorada is a good distance down the Keys to feel like you are "islanding it" and it's not too over run with commercialism. Plus I know a great Tiki Bar that is kid friendly and the fishing is unreal! So, once that money drops out of the sky - we're booked and going!

I've warmed up a little just looking at these pics, and my hubby who looks warm and happy here too - let's head south Babe!

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