Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Our chickens arrived late Monday afternoon at 3 days old. The central post office for our area called Brian at 4:00 to come and pick-up our shipment. We apparently were not the only ones waiting, there was a women picking up her order at the same time. The chicks hatched on Saturday, shipped the same day and 26 arrived to us happy and "upright" Monday. We were the ones to give them their first drink of water and first granule of feed. They ship the chicks the same day they hatch because they can live off the nutrients from their yolk for up to 3 days. 25 of the 26 are Plymouth Rocks and we received 1 exotic which we are guessing is a Golden Laced Wyandotte because of her markings, I think I'll call her Wynonna :)

Golden Laced Wyandotte

Plymouth Rock

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  1. sorry Ive been such a slacker on the comments, my computer is still sick and is very tempermental...we are getting a new one in the next couple of weeks...can't wait!
    We are on the verge of getting chickens. John has been wanting some and the kids really want them but me....I dont want anything else to take care of!! sound familiar?LOL
    A friend of mine has offered me her eggs as her chickens lay over a dozen a day so that we can incubate them....I told her we will incubate as long as they take them back...she said they come with a NO RETURN policy:)

    We will see...I am actually just leaving my house to get some eggs (to boil) from her now...hopefully I dont get talked into bringing the incubator and eggs home:)
    Have fun with those babies (chicks and kids)


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