Thursday, April 5, 2012

If it's not one thing it's another...

I thought with Spring in the air we might be through all the viruses and sickness. NOPE! Gracyn has caught everything he possible could at his new daycare. INCLUDING Hand, Foot and Mouth! My poor guy is blistered... I noticed tiny spots on his toes this morning but so far it's his hands and face - it seems they haven't gone into his mouth - yet...We are on day number 3, hopefully the worst is over.


  1. oh no Jackie, we have had this but never like that. Alcers in the mouth and skin peeling on feet weeks after, never with blisters....looks terribly painful poor baby

    Just about to email you and then I saw you had a new post. Wanted you to know we got William's gift in the mail today. The child was so thrilled! The more he opened the more WOW's we got as he constantly said I happy MOM!
    Oh I wish I would have had it videoed.

    He was ready for a bath(with the turtle...he didnt get it was supposed to stay in water)within minutes of opening everything but I told him we had to go to the store so he brought the snake with us to Target while wearing he new cool baseball shirt.LOL

    He couldnt wait to get home to blow the whistle.
    You sure know how to wow this boy:)

    Now if I could only get Asa's little gift off in the mail (and the Mardi Gras beads) I'd be in good shape

    Thanks my friend for remembering William's special day:)

    1. We have a great store here in town that has SO many cool little kid things! I was just walking up and down the isles going, "ooo, William would like that and oh, maybe I shouldn't get that cause it would be really noisy, but he'd have so much fun!" I loved the turtle, I remember the smaller ones you could get when we were kids and they grew a little bit, not 300 times it's size! It was too cool to pass up :) Glad he liked everything. Dartmouth's Baseball Team were Ivy League Champs in 2010 and 2009, finished second last year to Princeton.

  2. william has a post for asa on my blog :)


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