Thursday, April 26, 2012

Henry Hen House

It may be a bit overboard, but it could be a cool clubhouse if we ever decide to not do chickens...

The front, it sits up on the hill a little.
The window is a leftover from a mix-up when ordering
windows for the house, on hinges to prop open.
We still need to build the run enclosure, isn't the little door cute? :)

Easy access to the nesting boxes for egg collecting!

Human Entrance
Frankie's butt is too cute in the background :O

Inside left, we used cheap roll of linoleum from Home Depot for floor.
Intend to sweep out, but also the deeper the shavings in the winter
the warmer it will be and some poo collection between the layers will add warmth.

Nesting Boxes, still need to put in some perches. Something across
the front of the boxes and then some across the back with a ramp.

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  1. oh my looks like my kids play house:) I guess the ones here dont have to protect the chickens from such cold weather as you all have. Everyone around here has mesh wire and the chickens just stay on the ground. Love the house, thanks for sharing


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