Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Houston we have lift off...

We picked up Gracyn's Plagiochephaly helmet Monday.

The first thing Asa said was "OH COOL!" Gracyn's Helmet! Then he said he looked like Buzz and he wanted a helmet too...

I made some Gluten Free Cupcakes over the weekend. You have to lick all the frosting off first don't you know!

And our chickens are getting huge! Out to the Coop they go this weekend...

Back to school this week, Asa really missed going to school. He would ask everyday last week, "school?" He didn't want a vacation...

Ready for April to be over and start fresh in May.


  1. darn...I was wishing that title would mean you were going to, just hoping.

    you could always buy Asa a helmet(football/baseball), do you all have Academy or maybe even walmart, just a thought. William used to wear Ragan's pink helmet when he was little around the house

    Those chicks are sure getting big. We got eggs last week and john has now agreed to keep the chicks instead of giving them to a friend when they hatch, so we have a little more time before we see our babies but we are looking forward to it:)
    What does your coop look like?

    1. Hey April! I know, that would be so awesome if we were to head your way, yes someday, soon! I keep telling Brian we need to go to New Orleans. He would love Louisiana! I should buy Ace a batting helmet, that's a good idea. The Coop I have half painted, the darn weather hasn't cooperated! I'll take a pic tonight and post for you ;)


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