Monday, December 20, 2010

Having Fun...

As all of us watch the snow in the Midwest collapsing domes and burying cars. The Northeast is getting punished in another way, with NO SNOW! Well if you call an inch on the ground that has only stayed around because it's been cold enough snow then you'll be happy, and that's exactly what we did this weekend. We made do with what we had - Ha! The mountains and higher elevations have received some good accumulation, but we're stuck in the Valley and it just ain't making it here... We haven't made it outside much in the past couple of weekends to play because we've been busy, but we made up for it.

Saturday Ace and I went out for a little while. This is the first we've been outside to play since we've had the little snow we do. He was not a happy camper when he figured out that all his sand toys and sand box were frozen solid... I was able to free a bucket and shovel for him to fill with snow, but it wasn't quite the same.

But loved licking the snow off his mittens! The sun was shining and that made me happy to sit and feel the warmth on my face, I actually can say I got a little color - yeah!

On Sunday Miss Morgan came over and the best friends played and giggled. I had to pull them around, and around and around... My butt feels it today!
A little extra Fun after dinner and a trek to see x-mas lights Saturday night. I forgot my camera, I took these when we got home and someone was a little too wired to go to bed.
We go to the same spot annually to see the lights. They are beautifully done and there is A LOT of them. They have real animals in a nativity and this year there was a donkey and 2 sheep. Ace thought they were pretty special. BAA BAA.

Ace is wearing his x-mas shirt in these pics, it's a Rudolph Bulldog with antlers. Bulldog graphic tees are a weakness of mine!

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