Thursday, December 23, 2010

Horrible Mother

I'm a horrible mother. I feel so bad I could cry. Mr. Asa took a spill this morning and I couldn't make is owwy go away. Aren't we Mommies suppose to be able to make terrible things miraculously disappear? It happened going into Daycare, there are two steps going into the house from the garage and I was trying to open the door that had a rug stuck behind it. I opened the door wide enough to slip through and straighten the rug, leaving Asa on the other side. By the time I turned around and opened the door again Asa was stepping up to the top step. He stopped mid step to turn around and WHAM! Missed the bottom step and landed on his face on the cement garage floor! Oh how your heart stops and the worst goes through your mind all at once, AGONY that your child is hurt and here I sit over an hour later and I still feel like I want to cry. He has a pretty good scrape on his chin and I think he bit his tongue cause there was some good blood and then it stopped. I couldn't feel any loose teeth, but oh the sobs, I couldn't hold him tight enough. It was good that my friend's parents are visiting from Myrtle Beach because as soon as Ace saw his Meg (friend/daycare's Mom) he got right down off my lap and went running to her with a big hug and kiss... So much for Mommy making him feel better, there's something about a Grammie's love I guess, even if it's not your Grammie.


  1. oh poor buddy, isnt it hard when we cant make it all go away? hope his little tongue is ok and all of his other owies

  2. Oh poor baby! I passed u turning into jess' street and almost followed u to see what time tomorrow night. It will just make for good xmas pictures! Remember when I fell on the corner of the Howe's concrete steps?


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