Thursday, December 30, 2010

Humbled and Fun-da-roos

This year I was very humbled by the many holiday cards I received from a very important Family of mine. My Down syndrome Family. There is something about having a child with Down syndrome that makes you a part of something grander. You automatically become a member of an elite group of people and these people all have their own story, backgrounds, and lives but we are connected by a simple fact - that crazy extra 21st chromosome... Sometimes I crave these people because they know a little something about me no one else does, we all know what each other knows. About how we live this life that we all LOVE and feel BLESSED to have. The challenge of IEPs or how we want our children to be mainstreamed in school for the best possible experience and education - and the lessons we can teach our children ourselves, skills, therapy and life, every moment is a teaching moment we don't want to miss out on. How we fight constantly for non-judgemental opinions and views and what the future will be like for our children. We hope the challenges we face we are able to climb to the top of the mountain and make it down the other side. Yes, to say the least I am humbled - Love My Very Special Family!

So last night I had to run into Wal-mart for dog food, diapers and a few other things. Well, Brian had been complaining his socks had holes and most of his boxers did too. Okay, I'm a bad wife and think that he should go and buy his own underwear. But hey, while I was there I decided I needed some new Fun-da-roos for myself. I had stepped on two of my bras and broke the underwire and was down to one good one - don't you hate that? I grabbed 2 Hanes bras that were $8 bucks each - DEAL! (Wal-mart shelf half price - right Gretchen?) and grabbed some undies cause they were on sale too. Now, it must of been a long time since I bought my last supply because I never knew they sized these bad boys differently then your dress size? Call me crazy but I had no clue - I grabbed 9's...
I took them out of the package to throw in the washer and said "What the? These aren't' 9's?" I have gained a little weight but I don't think I want to hold on to these to see if I'll grow into them... It would of saved a lot of time, effort and $16 bucks if I had just looked at the back of the package, but you feel a little awkward when your shopping for underwear in Wal-mart and you're never quite sure who or what you're going to run into to :-O It's a grab and go kind of moment...
No New Year's plans for us. The Big Boys will be snowmobiling a lot because they think the snow is not going to stick (literally) around and want to get every bit of riding in they can. Ace and I may take a jaunt around the yard. I think we're going to have to warm him up to riding, not sure how he's going to handle it. It is suppose to be a pleasant weekend, will spend some time outside in the sunshine. If I don't get back here before Monday, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!


  1. LOL so I wanna see a picture of how big they were!

  2. Bethany, let's just say. Omar would have a new tent...


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