Wednesday, October 13, 2010

31 for 21 day 13

"Slow down", "Be thankful for what you got" and "Don't forget to check your oil". Many famous quotes from my father, hidden meanings yes, more then one... One of the meanings is just as it sounds, the other is straight from the heart.
- SLOOOOW DOWN or GO SLOW: take time to think and recharge vs. Don't Speed - LOL

-BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU GOT: Be thankful, don't always think about what you don't have but what you do and remember to thank those who have helped you along the way ;-)

-CHECK YOUR OIL: this one is the most famous and I have heard it for many years and heard it A LOT when I was thousands of miles away at college. Literally, check your oil so your car doesn't burn up and what it really means - Love You...

There are quite a few others - USE YOUR HEAD: Short for -Use your head for something other then banging it against a brick wall. SIT TIGHT - kind of like slow down but more so meaning have patience.

There was another one that my father said to me during a time when we all were trying to figure life out and that was after Asa Man was born. It wasn't just me who was thrown head first into this world that would forever change my life, but everyone around us was trying to help figure it out - the funny thing is that we haven't figured life out. Asa just has made our lives mean so much more, he's a life changer for everyone he meets. He shines like an Antarctic Sun on a Winter Day (couldn't think of anything brighter then that!) What my father said to me on a day when I thought Life had played a very cruel trick didn't make me think (like so many of his other quotes) because it had never crossed my mind, but my father's words still ring in my head "You Don't Give Up On Him"... Give up? Hell NO! Fight Harder, Longer and Stronger F*** Yeah!

Somedays I do get down because of the fight, I do feel sometimes like I am always fighting for not only Asa but everyone out there that is traveling the same road. I want to scream from the hilltops - HE IS NOT DIFFERENT, HE IS NOT INTELLECTUALLY DISABLED, HE IS NOT COGNITIVELY DELAYED! He is a little boy who likes to play with cars and hates vegetables, loves to run through mud and ride his bike down the steepest hill he can find with his feet up in the air! He is ASA, the one and only. He is not Asa with Down syndrome, he's just Asa. He's not Asa with Cystic Fibrosis, he's just Asa. When I think of my little man I just think of him. How he cracks me up and we both start laughing uncontrollably at nothing at all - the harder he laughs the harder I laugh and it's the funniest thing I've ever heard... Better then Bill Cosby and way better then Larry the Cable Guy...

Life Is What You Make It.... and that is the best-est quote of ALL...

Love you too Dad!

Asa and Grampy - September 2008

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  1. Nice. Who needs to cry at work??? You forgot, "it's not the 100's you spend, it's the 5's and 10's." Thanks Daddy! Oh, and speaking of Daddies. Likes to play with cars and not eat his vegetables??? Sounds like ASA's father! LOL

    nice post Jac


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