Monday, October 25, 2010

Help Bring Axel Home

I do have pics of our Pumpkin Picking Parody! But in the mean time I wanted to share my "friend" Leah. I met Leah about 2 years ago on a web-board I belong to called Downsyn. Downsyn was created by a husband and wife who's son was born with Down syndrome. Michel and Tom wanted a place where parents and loved ones of of those with Down syndrome could go and share their experiences and advice. I have met many people from around the world and we all share the common bond of Down syndrome! It's quite awesome if you think of it.

Back to Leah. Leah has a daughter Angela (14 yrs) Angela is AMAZING. She is an awesome swimmer amongst other talents, but has competed and won Olympic Gold. She was also an alternate to go to the World's Special Olympics! To say the least Leah is proud of Angela and has done a wonderful job raising her and being her mother, but Leah is taking a giant leap and has decided to adopt a little boy from Eastern Europe with Down syndrome. His name is Axel and he is in Foster Care currently and has not been transferred to a Mental Institution (yet). Children who are born with a Mental or Physical disability in Eastern Europe and other despaired parts of the world are put into orphanages and then placed in Mental Institutions when they turn 4 where they ultimately die from lack of care.

Meet Axel! He is ten, a older orphan that probably would never have been adopted if not for Leah! Leah had the chance last spring to meet Axel while she was traveling as a representative for Reece's Rainbow. Adoption is a extremely expensive undertaking especially doing it internationally. Please visit Leah's Adoption Blog. She is doing a Apple IPad Giveaway to help raise funds, every $25 donated will get you an entry into winning the IPad - You can read about it here ;-)


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