Friday, October 8, 2010

31 for 21 Day 8

Today is about playtime and having a good time! I've always been one to have and enjoy a good time... (Peanut gallery - HUSH!)

A typical Saturday morning for us (me and Ace, Daddy works Saturday) is stay in our jammies until noon and Asa getting reacquainted with his toys that he's barely had time to play with all week.

(do you see that Buzz's left arm is broken off? And does everyone remember what arm Buzz broke in 1st Toy Story when he jumped off the staircase at Sid's house? Yes, I know WAY TOO much Toy Story info. Anyways Asa's Buzz broke his arm off jumping off the kitchen counter. Ace now says "uh, oh" every time he plays with him and we have to go in search of the missing limb. I've tried 2 different super glues and I can't get the thing to stay on!)

Singing, dancing and being a goofball...

Pretending to help Mommy clean...

Pretend is the key word here because we always end like this....

TGIF EVERYONE! (even though I have to work tomorrow too) It's finally Friday! We'll do our pajama dance on Sunday instead...

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