Thursday, October 21, 2010

31 for 21 day 21

Day 21 for 31 for 21! Today is a yucky day - rain, and tomorrow is only suppose to be a high of 47! Yikes! I'm not ready for this, please summer come back! I'm going to seep into these photos and try to warm up...

I took these photos last summer at a family reunion we had in Central Vermont. The Farm originally was owned by my Great Aunt and Uncle, they have since passed it down to their son, my 2nd cousin ;-) They have many horses, but are one of the few Organic Milk Farms in Vermont - pretty cool huh?

Ace even got to ride a horse that day! He was with my cousin Kiki. She had rode a horse before and I have not - I felt safer with him riding with her - Ha!

There is a great story about this horse, I don't specifically remember his name but he was the BEST. My Dad has this animal instinct about him, he's a whisperer of sorts - LOL But this horse LOVED my Dad, he would snort and paw the ground whenever my Dad tried to walk away from him. This is where my Dad spent most of his day at the farm, with his new buddy...

This guy had so much character! And he was such a beauty... The Farm boards many horses and also serves as a foster home for horses that end up in the hands of the Humane Society. The story is that this horse was a rescue, he was the barter in a drug deal gone wrong. Yes, I know what you're thinking - a drug deal in Vermont? Yes, there are drug dealers in Vermont too! Remember it borders Canada ;-) I don't know why anyone would barter this dude, I wanted to take him home with me!

Soak it up people! Seep into it, snow is just around the corner - it is actually snowing on Mt. Washington today!

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